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The 2023 Friendship Archway Conversations

Please join Meetup for Conversations in Washington D.C. on 3rd Sundays combining the best of West and East and developing new traditions together...

Are you interested in meeting your neighbors and building the friendship spirit and community in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area?

You are invited to participate in our “Meetup for One City” and "Meetup for Conversations" and engage in stimulating networking and learning conversations with people interested in building community spirit, personal growth, meeting neighbors, meeting Asian American professionals, talking about the future of Chinatown, consulting, self-empowerment, nonprofits, fundraising, social enterprises, race relations, A Course in Miracles, executive and business coaching, and other topics.

Please join us:


On Third Sundays in 2023: Jan 15, Feb 19, Mar 19, Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18, July 16, Aug 20, Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17, 2023.

Time: 1:000 pm - 2:30 pm (informal happy hour to follow)
Place: Currently online via due to Covid-19. Use ID: 896 0197 4108
Contacts: To speak to volunteer call 202 625 2244.
Organizers: Allies Building Community Inc. (A.B.C.), Asian Benevolent Corps, Allies Networks, Friendship Archway Network.
Co-sponsors: Award International Inc., Award Networks, Inc. Capital Professional Groups

For your wellness and to improve your life energy and Spirit, you are also invited to participate in seminars, coaching and other volunteer activities:

For email reminders and for global online discussions, see or sign up free at:


        More than 140 community, national and international leaders and volunteers celebrated the 40th anniversary of Allies Building Community, Inc. (A.B.C.) at the Friendship Archway Awards dinner banquet November 9, 2004 at Tony Cheng's Restaurant in Chinatown in Downtown Washington D.C.  A.B.C.'s founder and president, Dr. Dwan "Diane" Tai, was presented with D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams' official proclamation declaring Nov. 9, 2004 as "Allies Building Community (ABC) Day."

The Mayor's proclamation hailed A.B.C.'s many achievements including Friendship Archway programs, Conversationsnet programs, Asian Voice publications, Gallery Amerasia, Embassy Seminars, Asian Arts Festivals, Chinatown's Wah Luck House Community Hall, Friendship Archway Community Awards, Conversationsnet and many innovative educational and community development programs.

Allies Building Community, Inc.

(A.B.C.) Day                                  

November 9, 2004



WHEREAS, nonprofit organizations who devote their time and talent to enhance the quality of life for others are worthy of public praise and recognition; and

WHEREAS, Allies Building Community, Inc. (A.B.C.) has for many decades pioneered many creative programs to help build Washington, DC as a beautiful community of diverse backgrounds sharing joy, friendship and prosperity; and

WHEREAS, the Allies Building Community, Inc. (A.B.C.) developed the first Asian Arts Festival, Gallery Amerasia, Wah Luck House Community Hall, Embassy Seminars, Chinatown Friendship Archway, Archway Programs, Archway Awards, Asian Voice publications, and Conversationsnet Programs; and

WHEREAS, Allies Building Community, Inc. (A.B.C.) has also contributed significantly to the DC Commission for the Arts, DC Commission for Asian and Pacific Islanders Affairs, DC Chinatown, Chinatown Steering Committee and has provided leadership, mentoring and valuable assistance to many individuals and groups:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, THE MAYOR OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, do hereby proclaim November 9, 2004, as “ALLIES BUILDING COMMUNITY, INC. (A.B.C.) DAY” in Washington, DC, and call upon all the residents of this great city to join me in commending this organization for helping to enhance the quality of life of others.

Anthony A. Williams
Mayor, District of Columbia

For Background:

What is the Friendship Archway?

The Friendship Archway is a symbol of friendship.   For allies building community it is a call for thoughts of appreciation, forgiveness, and acts of kindness and caring in our daily lives. It is a reminder to teach only joy, friendship (perfect love) and prosperity for that is what we value  and who we are. Let us remember to return to our heart and remain in the friendship zone of our mind. The number 2 in reminds us that we are really never alone because there is an Archway Friend within our mind who is always with us to guide us, love us, forgive us and comfort us.  We can have a conversation with this Friend anytime.

The Friendship Archway monument is located at 7th and H Streets N.W. in Washington D.C. (next to Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro Station).  Washington D.C.'s Friendship Archway is the largest single-span Chinese Archway in the world. It is a happy and colorful physical monumental structure spanning the 4 lane street that looks to the future instead of the past.  It is a brightly decorated public icon reflecting the joyful diversity of the global community united symbolically by the Archway. It represents the aspiration of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to be your allies and friends for joy, friendship and prosperity for all.

Small conversationsnet groups meet monthly

Conversationsnet is part of an ongoing process and  series of Conversations for achieving joy, friendship, prosperity and a beautiful quality of life in the community. The Conversationsnet series includes leadership, networking and educational Conversations. Conversationsnet™ programs provide opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds to come together, practice together and succeed together. Conversations groups meet monthly on different topics in the Washington D.C. area. Locations are selected by the group organizers of different topics. see one of the groups at No RSVP is required, it is free and inclusive, just show up, everyone is welcome!

What is the purpose of the Friendship Archway Awards

The purpose of the Friendship Archway Awards is to appreciate and honor truly helpful attitudes, behaviors,  contributions, volunteer community services and public service that model the spirit of friendship, kindness and compassion in action in the community. It is an opportunity for the community to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions by individuals, organizations and businesses.  It is an opportunity for everyone to thank the nominees and co-sponsors personally for teaching by example what is the meaning of friendship in people's lives.


In ancient times, Archways were erected in Asia to publicly recognize a major contribution to society. It was a supreme honor, given to individuals who had served their community well.   Through the ages, Archways were built in different colors and sizes, symbolizing different levels of service.   To be worthy of an Archway was the aspiration of anyone who dreamt of success.

Washington D.C.'s Friendship Archway is the largest single-span Chinese Archway in the world called for by the Washington D.C. Chinese community.   It is a strong visual image reflecting traditional Asian value of  Friendship combined with western technology.   Erected in 1986 in the heart of downtown Washington, at 7th and H Streets Northwest, the Friendship Archway symbolizes not only the friendship between the "sister cities" of Beijing and Washington D.C., but it also symbolizes the spirit of joy and friendship among people of diverse backgrounds.

The Friendship Archway Hall of Fame and Community Awards, created in 1997 by Award International Inc., have been presented annually by Allies Building Community Inc. (A.B.C.) and the Chinatown Steering Committee, along with leaders, participating organizations and co-sponsors interested in bridging East and West and enhancing the quality of life for everyone.   The 2004 Friendship Archway Community Awards were granted to individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions in the community and to individuals who exemplified the Friendship Archway Spirit in their work, life or relationships. Their names have been included in The Friendship Archway Honor Roll.

Archway Websites

Archway Websites have been reserved to provide opportunities for the voices of community citizens to be heard related to their aspirations for the future of their community and for sharing your thoughts on questions that matter.  This is done by participating in a variety of positive websites and activities to share thoughts on a variety of topics to improve East West interpersonal and international understanding.

We appreciate your interest and we hope you will join us in co-creating other Archway websites to maximize joy and personal growth in our local and global community. We sincerely appreciate any contribution you make since this program is a volunteer community effort supported by volunteer contributions.

Archway Poem

 The Spirit of the Friendship Archway

Not like the olden times where hatred flamed

Where folks failed to forgive and pain endured,

A Mighty Spirit with a love that cures

Has come to Washington, to us explain,

To help us realize a dream so named,

To learn and serve through Chinese joint ventures;

Gifts of good will and faith with overtures

The Friendship Archway Spirit now proclaims!

"Give us your thoughts, your wisdom and your cheer

And we give you what you desire to find.

Let’s build a world that sees no need for fear

With Sister Cities’ love, let us be kind.

Let's share our strengths, exchange our best for years,

For friendship we invest, the tie that binds."

                     By Dwan L.Tai, Ph.D., September 18, 1986


*This poem written by Dr. Tai was originally published in Asian Voice magazine,

at Inauguration of the Friendship Archway in Washington D.C., November, 1986.

Copyright © 1997-2022 by Award International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Permission granted for nonprofit community purposes with copyright acknowledgements cited.