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A.B.C., P.O. Box 57250, Washington D.C. 20037-0250
Telephone to reconfirm events call message center at 202.496.1555.

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About Allies Building Community Inc. (A.B.C.)

Allies Building Community Inc. (A.B.C.) serves as a nonprofit umbrella (50lc3) organization to build community spirit, capacity, human potential and an enriched quality of life by bringing together ideas, energy, talents, experience and resources to create and implement community initiatives and innovative programs. ABC affiliated organizations include A Beautiful Community,  Asian Benevolent Corps, Conversationsnet and  Friendship Archway Community. ABC was established in 1963 and incorporated in New York in 1964. It is headquartered in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

The vision of A.B.C for the world is A Beautiful Community of allies and friends of diverse backgrounds, sharing joy, friendship and prosperity as a short and long run approach for human, economic and community development to undo fear, misperceptions, suffering, guilt, ignorance, poverty, hatred and negativity.

We urge everyone to "appreciate, again again again™ "!

HIGHLIGHTS OF SOME OF A.B.C.'S CONTRIBUTIONS during the past four decades since 1963  (Not in any particular ranking order)

Appreciating what ABC volunteers and supporters have achieved 1963 to present:

·        Friendships formed, nurtured and flowered all over the world from Washington D.C. and New York to San Francisco, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

·        Anonymously helping many individuals and groups in their time of need -- demonstrating how friends can be unselfish angels helping others without seeking praise. Mentoring, coaching and assisting many individuals in personal healing, support and personal growth.

·        Contributing in many ways from vision to reality in co-creating, building and publicizing Washington D.C.'s Friendship Archway at  H & 7th Streets NW, D.C. Chinatown -- and  co-creating and co-organizing annual  Friendship Archway Hall of Fame and Community Awards since 1997 along with other community organizations and co-sponsors.

·        Writing, editing, designing and publishing the "Asian Voice" magazine for many decades -- especially contributing 10,000 copies of the Official Commemorative Edition celebrating Washington's Friendship Archway in November 1986. The magazine was distributed worldwide.

·        Pioneering the first Chinese Arts Festival in New York's Chinatown, and the first Asian Arts Festival in Montgomery County, MD. Organizing many Asian arts exhibitions, cultural programs and events including creating and maintaining Gallery Amerasia at 2142 F Street NW, DC for more than a decade.

·        Being a creative incubator in giving birth to new ideas, new programs and organizations, such as the Conversations for Economic Development and Embassy Seminar Program which were initiated by A.B.C. as an official part of the American Bicentennial Celebration. These programs opened the doors of more than 100 embassies and resulted in more than 500 seminars (ambassadors' presentations, discussion, gourmet cuisine) with C-SPAN TV broadcasting more than 30 of these events.

·        Celebrating the first anniversary of A.B.C's  Embassy Seminar Program with a first of its kind reception in the Gold Room of the Rayburn House Office Building honoring the 30 plus ambassadors, senators, congressmen and university presidents that A.B.C. brought together to serve on the A.B.C. Advisory Council (1976 to present).

·        Sponsored numerous conferences, festivals, workshops, youth development programs, Conversations for Economic Development gatherings, ConversationsnetÔ activities, embassy tours and other educational and cultural events in many locations.

·        Advocating for a Chinatown in design and spirit as a focal point for a truly international city that represents the East as well as the West. Contributing to the Chinatown Design Guidelines for the D.C. Comprehensive Plan and participating monthly with Chinatown Steering Committee since its inception in 1980s; contributing Chinese design input and co-creating community spaces such as the Community Hall on the first floor of the Wah Luck House, at 6 & H Streets NW, Washington, D.C.

·        In the Wash. D.C. area since 1970s organized numerous community initiatives, ranging from Leadership, Networking, and ConversationsnetÔ gatherings to research and development projects, study groups, workshops,  picnics, & Friendship Archway Award and other programs.  

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The following is a list of community services A.B.C. has accomplished previously since 1963:


A.B.C. Community Services:


Jobs bank, skills bank

Career, business and personal coaching

Information and referral

Bi-lingual and bi-cultural

    English language instruction

    Vocational instruction and training

    Orientation workshops

    Counseling and assistance

    Legal and other services

Seminars, conferences, workshops on special issues and problems

Consumer action programs

Dissemination of news and information of interest to Asian American community

Collection of clothing, books and other items for needy persons

Library of useful references and publications

Facilities access for meetings, study groups, work or social activities

Career Development

    Volunteer employment opportunities with mentors

    Part-time and full-time commission work opportunities

    Opportunities to develop and obtain support for transformation websites

    Assistance to self-employed persons and small businesses

Research and development of projects to address local needs, concerns

Implementation of pilot, demonstration or model projects

Equal opportunity and advocacy programs

Development of needed community facilities, programs and services


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A.B.C. Arts Services


Professional arts instruction and training through classes and workshops

Solo and group art exhibitions at Gallery Amerasia

Presenting community cultural events at various locations in the community

Forums of artists and members of the general public interested in Asian arts

Demonstrations of visual and performing arts, Asian culinary arts, martial arts

Graphics, composition, layout and other art services

Technical and professional neighborhood arts services to artists and community art 

    groups including publicity, planning, organizing, sponsorship of activities,

    accounting and legal matters


Festivals, concerts, dances, theater presentation and special events

Publication of artistic works and profiles

Cross-cultural exchange projects

Arts Exposure projects

Asian arts tours

Gallery America special programs and events

Friendship Archway concept development and construction



International Educational Programs


Embassy seminar program

    Pioneering seminars on economic, cultural, political and foreign policy topics held 

    at various embassies in Washington D.C.

Receptions, dinners, and tours of participating embassies

"Arts in Embassy" tours

Conferences, workshops, seminars, and publications of different aspects

International cultural exchanges

Research and publications



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